Saturday, January 23, 2010

SHINee Key’s ideal woman is one of the SNSD members? “YES”

SHINee member Key reveals that there is a member from group So Nyeo Shi Dae who is his ideal type of girl.

He was on ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ on SBS E!TV recently when he revealed that amongst the SNSD members, there is his ideal type of girl.

It was during the corner on the show called ‘The terrifying YES’ where he was asked the question ‘There is a member in SNSD whom I like” and his answer was “Yes”.

But with much suspicion coming from the ‘MakBanShi’ members on the show, Key said, “I have never thought of them as women since they are family members from the same company. I just answered that for the sake of the game”.

The show is set to air at 10pm on 23rd January.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{TRANS} SHINee's Rolling Paper

Write what you've been annoyed with or had a problem about with this member. If you write praise or "nothing" we'll assume that you're awkward with them~

1st Pic: Taemin
Jonghyun: Taeminnah... Sorry for being mean to you when you wore my hat that one time. But please tell me when you're borrowing stuff from now on ㅠㅠ
Kibum: Will you buy me food?
Minho: Tell me when you're borrowing my stuff~!
Onew: I would also like to mooch off food

2nd Pic: Jonghyun
Kibum: Study your song composing well ♡ (I still remember you not lending me your vest ^)
Taemin: Hyung, my pajamas are disappearing...ㅠㅠ
Onew: Let's eat food.
Minho: Why would you work out in the small computer room...

3rd Pic: Onew
Minho: Hyung.......I put my feet on top of you while you were sleeping and you woke up....sorry....for that time....
Taemin: Onew hyung, why do you roll over to my bed ㅠㅠ!? (And I can't wake you either)
Kibum: You're hogging all the talents ㄱㄱ
Jonghyun: Let's go pyung-gyung jang.

4th Pic: Key
Taemin: Don't you think you wash for too long, hyung??
Onew: Side with me keke
Jonghyun: Don't side with anyone else, you're mine kekeke...
Minho: Could we drink something else besides grape juice?

5th Pic: Minho
Onew: The fact that you switched beds without telling anyone.
Jonghyun: You're tall and have a small face...don't come near me...
Taemin: You won't let me sleep on your bed so why do you nap on mine??
Kibum: Why do you hang your soccer uniform on your bed?

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{NEWS} SHINee Onew reveals, “I was ranked 2nd in the whole school when I was in high school 3rd year”

SHINee Onew reveals, “My results in high school 3rd year, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school.”
Onew appeared for ‘Shin Dong Yeop’s 300′ teens special to be aired on 24th January. That day in the filming studio, about 300 students were present and they discussed the problem that teenagers these days are too inclined to look at results as a form of happiness.

SHINee Onew, who was one of the challenger, said, “I used to be very self-conscious about this that I am not able to think in along this side (of the argument). I started practising singing when I went on to high school. But I also studied hard. And in high school year 3, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school” and many were surprised to hear that.

Meanwhile, during the filming, of the 300 students, many thought that, “in the end, having good results will help bring happiness”.

The show is set to air on 24th January at 12.10 midnight.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Your life with one SHINee member

This is cool~~ haha try it and post your result in the comments

Do not cheat! haha I got mine perfectly accurate!!! haha

Name / Username: Has
Your Partner Is: Onew
Where Did You Meet: At the skating rink
What made him fall in love with you: your laugh
How did he announce that he had fallen for you: Confess to u in front of your house with a bouquet of flowers while standing in a heart-shaped candle lights filling the road and kissed u under the moon
What kind of nickname he calls you: Mrs Onew
How did he propose to you: decorate your room with beautiful blinking lights with a banner written WOULD U MARRY ME?


Monday, January 11, 2010

111010 SHINee me2day

Guess what, I opened my me2day account and saw Taemin's latest post and it was like omg a minute ago? I wish I have his pm..hahahha

Ok, I've translated his post for you guys..Sorry I did not managed to upload his cute picture as the server here are very slow.


Everyone~~ I’m taking away your luck for the new year!^^;;;~
[Has: take take..wish you the best dear..hehe]

p/s: There's also a latest post by Key, but sorry, I'm not able to translate it..I think he mentioned about the smiley below his eyes but..hehe I am not so sure :p

translated by: Has_yuyu a.k.a ONEW's soul


Saturday, January 9, 2010

[NEWS] 100108 Minho, a Psychic? on ‘StarKing’

SHINee Minho, hidden psychic? Breaking cola/coke glass bottle into pieces without touching it

Minho, on 9th of January, while recording SBS ‘Surprising Competition StarKing’, has revealed his hidden power by breaking a normal looking coke/cola glass bottle into pieces and shocking all the audience in room.

From the beginning, Choe Hyeon woo complemented Minho saying that he’s the future magician and handed over a coke/cola bottle and told him, “if you think in your heart that this bottle will break, than it will really break!”.

The stage fell silent, and while everyone was focused on the cola bottle, something shocking happened, the bottle that Minho was holding broke/busted “Pang~!” in a second into pieces. The Stars and the audience were all so shocked and stood up; even Minho himself could not close his mouth.

That wasn’t all of Minho’s psychic power. He showed the power through telepathy trick which Choe hyeon woo newly released, by picking out the right card at once that has been chosen by the stars and the audience.

This was so shocking that Minho, himself would doubt if he actually had psychic power or not. But there was a secret (?) by the magician, Choe Hyeon Woo, which only Minho did not know of. Breaking coke/cola bottle (torsion) show followed by telepathy card magic! SHINee Minho’s hidden Psychic power?
It will broadcast on 9th of January, 6:30pm.



Friday, January 8, 2010

{NEWS}SHINee's Hello baby IS confirmed

Can't wait!

SHINee's hello baby s confirmed says k shinee world because of this picture:

The information about the kid/baby was out. he's 4y/o in Korea and turning 5. yes, hes a bit old but i guess that's the concept
that they'll be doing.
No other information is released so we'll just have to wait!

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{PICS} SHINee - Ottogi bbusyeo bbusyeo CF ads

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{NEWS} IU and Key Have a Love Letter For You

After sweetening things up with a beast last week on KBS Music Bank, IU is set to be on stage once again with another idol! IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment, confirmed earlier today that the 15-year-old singer will be performing a rendition of MC Mong’s Love Letter for You with SHINee’s Key.

Already seeing closing down her Cyworld minihompy earlier this week, we hope that fans will be able to put aside their jealousy and appreciate a performance for what it is. Although both stars are fairly young, IU’s vocals and Key’s charisma on stage are sure to captivate fans. Be sure to catch the performance this Friday on Music Bank!

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{NEWS} SHINee, TVXQ album sales doing well in RP

The album sales of SHINee, TVXQ and other K-pop groups are going strong in the Philippines.

Based on sales reports from 50 Odyssey record stores in the Philippines for the period Dec. 16 to Jan. 1, TVXQ’s “Mirotic: The 3rd Asia Tour Concert” CD is at No. 4 in the international album chart--just a few slots behind those of Andrea Bocelli's, Taylor Swift's, and Lady Gaga's.

SHINee’s mini-album “2009, Year of Us” is at No. 11, while all-girl pop group f(x)’s first album “Chu” is at No. 16, followed by Super Junior M’s “Super Girl” at No. 17.

Universal Records released TVXQ’s album only last Dec. 15 and SHINee’s “2009, Year of Us” last Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, at Music One stores, SHINee’s album is at No. 2 for the period Dec. 28 to Jan. 3.

The mini-album, which comes with a free calendar, contains the hit songs “Ring Ding Dong” and “Jojo.”

SHINee’s strong showing in the sales chart is buoyed by the pop idol group’s visit to the country last Nov. 27 to perform in the “Philippines-Korea Friendship Festival” concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The group is currently promoting “Jojo” in various Korean music shows.

Meanwhile, Universal Records announced that it will release TVXQ’s two other albums, "Mirotic” version C and “The Secret Code” this month, along with Super Junior’s “Super Show 2 Live Album” CD and Girls Generation’s “Gee” album.

SHINee, TVXQ, Super Junior and its subgroup Super Junior M, Girls Generation, and f(x) are all managed by SM Entertainment.



Thursday, January 7, 2010

{PICS} 100105 SHINee - General Social Welfare

[Why Jinki surrounded by all the girls?? =.='']

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{NEWS} Korean group SHINee's first mainland interview, Aggressive talent battle

On January 2, 2010, popular Korean group SHINee were guests for an interview with Jinying Entertainment. This is SHINee's first time on a mainland entertainment show. At the interview, the host tested the five members in English, dance, and magic tricks. SHINee accepted the challenge, winning the dance battle. However, they were defeated in the English and magic trick challenges, and the members modestly called the host, "Teacher".

Test of Talent

The five members of SHINee consist of: leader Onew, main vocal Jonghyun, rapper Key, subvocal Minho and lead dancer Taemin. Of the five members, Taemin is the youngest at 19 years old (yeah they got their info wrong -__-). Since SHINee is a guest at Jinying, naturally they must participate in a test of talent. The atmosphere was extremely competitive!

First Challenge: English. SHINee's leader Onew is skilled in English, and conversed with the host in English. The two were about the same level, Onew confidently said, "It doesn't matter if you have an accent in English, you should only be able to memorize the textbook." The host studied English broadcasting at China's media university, and fluently memorized a portion of an English textbook. Onew gave a thumbs up, forfeiting the challenge.

Second Challenge: Dance Battle. SHINee members Key and Taemin are both skilled in dancing. The two of them confidently stood at the center of the stage, performing sexy dances. Taemin even invited the host to dance together, at the end the host admitted defeat.

Third Challenge: Magic tricks Challenge. Magic tricks do not have national boundaries. At the interview, the host performed two magic tricks for SHINee. One trick turned a piece of paper into money, another trick separated two straws that were tied together. SHINee didn't find the slightest flaw, and the five members asked the host to teach them magic tricks. After they learned it, the five of them modestly called the host, "Teacher".

Test of Unity

SHINee is under Korean company SM Entertainment. Since debut, the five artists have always shared the same room. The unity between a group's members is often compared by others. In the interview, the host asked several questions to test the five members' unity.

Q: Do you shower together?
SHINee: We never shower together.

Q: If you are a girl, who would you date in SHINee?
Onew: Minho.
Taemin: Me.
Key: Me.
Jonghyun: Minho.
Minho: The other four.

Q: If the world ended, and you could bring one man with you, which member of SHINee would you take?
SHINee: Why do we have to bring a guy? We can't bring a girl?

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Monday, January 4, 2010

100104! SHINee me2day

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[Key] GAGA! Was worried on how I'll do it¡¦
(Has - You did it well!)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

I wanna wish a happy new year to our boys, SHINee and all shinee lovers!

May you have a GREAT and WONDERFUL year ahead!

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