Monday, February 22, 2010

SHINee JongHyun's Birthday Project

Annyeong ~~ ^.^

You guys miss me?? hehe I am so sorry because I am so busy late..haha erk busy? hahhaa Anyway, SHINee World Malaysia ("SWM") is currently organising a birthday project for our Bling bling Jong Hyun ("JH"). Followings are the details for the project:-

1 - Birthday Card

We are planning of doing a handmade card for JongHyun..The size of the card will be like 2 x A4 size paper. We will put a big picture of SWM members (which will be taken during photoshoot day - refer to #3) on the front page of the card with a short wish to JH. Inside of the card will be all wishes from SWM members, DVDs and pictures taken during the photoshoot and SWM 2nd meet up.

2 - SWM 2nd Meet up

Date: 6 March 2010
Place: Redbox - The Gardens, Midvalley
Time: 1.00p.m - 6.00p.m
Price: RM40 (including hi-tea)
Main activities: Birthday message for Jonghyun
Other activities: Quizzes about shinee and singing competition (random - not only Shinee's song) [Prizes have been prepared for these activities]

Those who are still interested to join, kindly confirm your attendance by sending a confirmation email to by 28 February 2010.

Members who are attending the meet up can write their birthday message to Jonghyun on that day they itself. However, those who are not able to partipate in the meet up can also send their birthday message thru email. We will include your message accordingly in the birthday card.

3 - SWM Photoshoot

The SWM pictures during the photoshoot will be the major things to be included in the birthday card..and the photoshoot is open to all SWM members. The details of the photoshoot are as follows:-

Date: 2nd week of March [exact date to be updated soon]
Place: Section 17, PJ [exact address to be updated soon]
Time: 10.a.m
Attire: All white [refer to SHINee 2010 calendar]
Props: Depends on individual (You can bring your own preferred props for the photoshoot i.e. white handphone, white book etc..but all must be in white)

We understand that there are many Myshawols live outside Selangor and KL but if you want like your picture to be included in the card, we would encourage you to take your own picture wearing all white attire with a white background and send your best picture to The picture must reach us latest by 13 March 2010.

We need staff for special tasks during the photoshoot day to help us. Please let us know if you're willing to help.

4 - SWM Birthday message video

There has been a suggestion by a SWM member to include a video message for Jonghyun’s Birthday project! Here is an example of a video message:

So for those who are interested, you can send in your videos to or upload the RAW file to an easily accessible host (eg., and send us the link.

Please take note that the video:-

1.Should NOT be longer than 5secs (I know it sounds little, but it takes only 2secs to say Happy Birthday Jonghyun so 5secs is already more than double the time)
2.Should be dedicated to JONGHYUN and ONLY JONGHYUN. It is HIS birthday, not Onew’s, not Key’s, not Minho’s, not Taemin’s.
3.Should be recorded on a white background (e.g White wall)
4.Should be a HALF BODY SHOT (NOT full body)
5.Should be SUBMITTED by 7th March 2010.
6.May be editted before it is included into the final product.

Everyone's participation is highly encouraged!! We hope to make the Jonghyun Birthday Project a big success despite our low budget.

5 - Jojo Music Video

Please be informed that the idea to record dance music videos for SHINee member’s birthday projects was initially suggested by one of the SWM members but DURING THAT TIME, there was not enough members participating in SWM to carry out the idea. It just so happens that Jonghyun’s birthday is coming up, so it was decided that we would record and send the video of ‘JoJo’ as just a PART of the birthday project.

The members who volunteered for the 1:59 charity show have already learnt part of the ‘JoJo’ choreography for the performance during that event, and they carried on to learn the rest of the choreography soon after. Due to insufficient time (since Jonghyun’s Birthday Project must be completed by mid-March), the dancers were recycled from the 1:59 charity show since they already knew the choreography and it would be a big rush to re-teach the whole choreography in a short time to new members who wish to participate.

Any members who wish to participate in future dances for future projects are more than welcomed to join! We will keep everyone posted on the future projects once it has been confirmed.

We need staff for special tasks during the filming day to help us. The filming will take place in putrajaya, 7.a.m on 26th February 2010..Please let us know if you're willing to help.

6 - Contributions

For those who want to contribute to the cost of the birthday project, you can drop us an email on this. Again, this is purely voluntary. The currently active members have continuously contribute RM5 per month for the purpose to increase SWM funds however, it is not enough to cover the cost of the birthday project.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear SWMes,

We are currently planning on another SWM meet up! What ? when? where?

Place: GreenBox, Sungei Wang
Date: 6 March 2010
Time: 1pm (approximately 6 hours)
Activies: Singing, dancing etc (to be updated)
Price: RM50 (to be updated - depends on how many people are going)

Those interested, please send your details and email to on or before 28 February 2010.