Monday, January 11, 2010

111010 SHINee me2day

Guess what, I opened my me2day account and saw Taemin's latest post and it was like omg a minute ago? I wish I have his pm..hahahha

Ok, I've translated his post for you guys..Sorry I did not managed to upload his cute picture as the server here are very slow.


Everyone~~ I’m taking away your luck for the new year!^^;;;~
[Has: take take..wish you the best dear..hehe]

p/s: There's also a latest post by Key, but sorry, I'm not able to translate it..I think he mentioned about the smiley below his eyes but..hehe I am not so sure :p

translated by: Has_yuyu a.k.a ONEW's soul



nur said...

taemin was like SUPER CUTE! with those eyes, like shimering here and there ! *faint* HAHA ^ ^

shinee lover said...

haha...yes yes true true~~ huhu and he always come out with this kind of funny2 posts~~ hehe key as well~~huhu

Why jinki didnt post anything?? huh too busy~~~ being a leader is just not so easy~~ Right JINKI??hahha