Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{NEWS} SHINee Onew reveals, “I was ranked 2nd in the whole school when I was in high school 3rd year”

SHINee Onew reveals, “My results in high school 3rd year, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school.”
Onew appeared for ‘Shin Dong Yeop’s 300′ teens special to be aired on 24th January. That day in the filming studio, about 300 students were present and they discussed the problem that teenagers these days are too inclined to look at results as a form of happiness.

SHINee Onew, who was one of the challenger, said, “I used to be very self-conscious about this that I am not able to think in along this side (of the argument). I started practising singing when I went on to high school. But I also studied hard. And in high school year 3, I was ranked 2nd in the whole school” and many were surprised to hear that.

Meanwhile, during the filming, of the 300 students, many thought that, “in the end, having good results will help bring happiness”.

The show is set to air on 24th January at 12.10 midnight.

credits: sookyeong.wordpress.com & shineee.net
reupload: Onew's soul