Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear all,
Kindly be informed that we will not update any news about SHINee in this blog at the moment. All news on SHINee can be found at this forum --->> under "S S T[SHInee Straits Times]" section. If you have any problems, kindly let us know.



Mais said...

Awww. I just found this blog today and you guys are already leaving. hahaha. Oh well. I hope you don't shut this down though. Even if u guys place updates from time to time.

shinee lover said...

HI Mais ^.^

We are not closing this blog down but are currently busy and do not have enough time to update this blog..In the meantime, you can check all the updates about shinee in shinee world malaysia forum okie?

shinee lover said...
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