Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SWM Gila-Gila Day + SHINee 2nd Anniversary!

YEAY! I'm here again to organise another gathering!

Day / Date: Saturday, 24 April 2010
Time: 10.00 a.m
Fees: Free of charge (foods & drinks - self-sponsor)
Place: Time Square

1 - Expand SWM
2 - SHINee 2nd Anniversary Gathering
3 - Raise funds

1 - Distribution of SWM pamphlets
2 - Selling of SWM Badges
[Participants will be divided into groups, and each group will cabut undi from a box a secret mission (for example 'get a random passerby to say i love shinee to the camera', or get someone to buy a badge, or someone to donate). Only cameraman is allowed to know wat each group's mission is. Dont tell other group, the group must complete the mission and must be recorded in video, without other group knowing what the mission is. when we break for eating, we will guess each other's mission. Groups that fail have funny punishment. XD sing to random ppl..... or something. hahaha~]

Run down (not get down eh =.='')
10.00 - 10.30 a.m - Registration
10.30 - 11.00 a.m - Divide into groups and preparation
11.00 - 12.30 p.m - Complete the Missions
12.30 - 2.30 p.m - Makan
2.30 - 4.30 p.m - Photo / video session for SHINee 2nd Anniversary
4.30 p.m - Finish
Further updates -> please visit -->> SWM Gila-gila Day!



Mais said...

I'm from the philippines and I wanna go to this gathering. hahaha

shinee lover said...

Haha.. u're welcome if u wanna join ^^

didaLavida said...

wah..i didnt notice on this blog.. and already met for its 2nd anniversary... good job!!

p/s: sis has..u r really addicted to korean music kan... hehehe

shinee lover said...

haha u know?? ekeke

didaLavida said...

just guessing actually.. but from my observation through ur fb profile and ur blogs (being admin lagi) of course u r so addicted to korean music..

nice to meet u.. hope to join u soon..

Anonymous said...

hey can i join? =D

-shinee lover

Anonymous said...

i wanna join . but its to farr :'(*crying*

vibe said...

its to farr for me too